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Fresh, Homemade Dog Treats!

Since I started training my two dogs Braya and Ivy, I have been buying store bought treats. Braya is really motivated by food so store bought treats were enough of a motivation for her to "work." Ivy (although she LOVES her breakfast and dinner), did not like the store bought training treats, and therefore it was more of a challenge to get her to "work." I started using cheese and hot dogs. And occasionally I use cooked chicken for those commands that demand a higher reward. It worked! But the cost of these food prices were increasing AND the worst part of it is the cheese and hotdogs gave my little Ivy digestive issues. I decided I would experiment around with healthy, fresh, safe ingredients and make my own dog training treats. Both dogs absolutely crave the treats and look forward to their daily training sessions, which has been more productive. Treat and train your dog with quality, great taste and nutritious wholesome dog biscuits. 

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