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Good Natured Dog Training

Hello! My name is Lanette. I work as a full time elementary public-school teacher and now I am a part-time dog trainer. I adopted two puppies in the summer of 2020. Braya is a Malinoodle (Belgian Malinois and Standard Poodle) and Ivy (Pitbull and Blue Heeler mix). It has been extremely difficult to get both of my puppies in training classes with the pandemic and even when some restrictions were lifted, all dog training classes were booked out for months. There are also very few dog training classes to choose from in the Skykomish Valley area.

I decided in order to train my dogs to become good-natured pets, I enrolled in CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Basic Professional Dog Training course and learned how to train my own dogs. I now have a diploma in basic dog training and a First Aid and CPR for Pets certificate.  I am on a quest to help YOU and your DOG(S)! 

I am compassionate about dogs, and I enjoy training them. I have worked with all types of breeds, personalities and ages. When dogs are properly exercised, mentally stimulated, properly socialized and raised in a loving, positive environment; dogs are happy, well-adjusted, confident, and good-natured. They overall are BETTER behaved dogs!

-Lanette Diaz, BAEd 

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